theChurch and SIA Children's ministry is devoted to seeing children
trained in the Red Letter teachings of Jesus Christ.

Welcome to SIA, our children's ministry! 

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."  Matthew 19:14

Introducing kids to Jesus on their level. Our mission is to help children become Kingdom Agents
as they speak and practice His life principles.




We provide excellent care of infants and toddlers while sharing the love of Jesus through passionate team member and age-appropriate interaction and play.
An introduction to the life and words of Jesus with an age-appropriate version of the elementary curriculum and rewards.  Our goal is to use Bible story videos, interactive worship, songs, activities, crafts and group playtime to enforce the main idea.
The Spiritual Intelligence Agency (S.I.A.) is a fun way for children grades Kindergarten through 5th grade to learn what it means to be "Agents" in God's Kingdom.  This interactive program is designed to encourage children and families to follow up on the weekend's lessons through awards and "leveling" up while learning the Red Letter Teachings of Jesus.

Preschool (3yrs.-PreK) &
Elementary (K-3rd and 4th-5th grades)

Our objective is to produce a program that encourages children to grow in their knowledge of God, while equipping parents with a step-by-step method to accomplish the mission through website, curriculum, and video production. The program is fun and will challenge children to apply their spiritual knowledge in their everyday lives. The S.I.A. program has both church and home activities that will expand our children’s knowledge of God and our discipleship efforts. Weekly activities are available online. A secret code for the week, pertaining to the children’s weekend message, will be made available to enter online.


Children will experience free time at the Training Grounds (Rock Climb Wall, Tires, Obstacles), The Lab (Craft room), Game Room (Video games, Ping Pong Table, Foosball, Air Hockey), Control Room (Computers where they can log in to see point status, scramble the code for the week, or play games), Break Room (Free play, Dance, etc.) 

Group Interaction

Large Group, which includes, worship, debriefing, the Bible lessons based on the Red Letter Teachings of Jesus, decipher the evidence, game, and Small Groups. 

Agent Status

Agents can earn points online as well as points for assigned missions during the week, at home, or in the community. The first step is for your recruited Agent to enroll in the program. All attenders are enrolled as Agents-in-training. On their first time in SIA, they will receive an ID card, then when a child reaches a certain amount of points, they officially become a Kingdom Agent. It may take approximately 6 months to earn Level 1 (silver status) where a child would receive Silver Status.

Reward Points

A mission is assigned along with a memory verse each week for the children to complete at home. AGENT STATUS Level 1 Silver (3,000 points) Level 2 Gold Level 3 Platinum Level 4 Super Agent ($1,000 scholarship to Bible College/University and a Super Agent Badge) There are many ways a child can earn points.
Examples of Agent Point Assignments include: Attendance(10pts), Being on Time (5pts), Bring Tithe/Offering (25pts), Memory Verse (50pts), Bring a friend (50pts), Bring your Bible (10pts), Completing the Weekly Mission (20pts), Bringing their ID/Badge to church each week (10pts), 1 year Perfect attendance (250pts).
Children will receive special rewards from the Agency Store monthly based on points earned throughout that month for activities such as attending church, reciting the Bible verse and bringing offering. A child can potentially earn 100 points weekly equaling 5,200 a year.

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